Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Holiday Wishes from CCX

To continue with our Arctic Blast snow theme, I thought I'd share a seasonal photograph of a snowman I saw once while visiting the Sierra foothills.

Happy Holidays! Here at Chocolate Covered Xanax we hope all of your...ahem...biggest....and brightest wishes come true.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Donner, party of 8, your table is ready.

So we're having some snow issues here in Oregon. Let's just get this straight right now. We Oregonians are a mild people. We don't descend from the Norwegians like half of the state of Minnesota. We mostly come from California so we are unprepared for wacky weather like we have seen for the last week. The news stations (who love to name weather systems) have called this storm "Arctic Blast 2008". We here at the gateway to Mount Hood call it "What the @#%#$@^, doesn't God know it's my Christmas break and this is seriously cutting into my plans Blast 2008". I know, pretty similar names.

We're at 3 feet and counting. It's snowed here for the last 3 days straight. I'm seriously considering calling an ambulance for a severe case of cabin fever.

We were able to get out to a neighbor's house today and were rewarded with witnessing a fender bender, 3 cars spinning out, one car missing the road completely and getting stuck on the sidewalk and finally a refill on homemade kahlua by said neighbor. Thank God for kahlua and hot chocolate. I can probably put off the call to 911 now.
Hope you and yours have a Merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Holiday hysteria - it's a gas.

I realize that after admitting the following transgression Heraldo will never make out with me in the backseat of my car again, but while accompanying Bee to her holiday party in Crescent City yesterday, I bought toothpaste at Walmart.

The checkout line was so long that I started to wrestle with the wrapper of the large box of peppermint candy I was also purchasing so that we could eat some while waiting. (They were those delectable melt-aways. I couldn't help myself.)

Suddenly Bee nudged me. "Did you see that?"

I hadn't.

"Some guy just stole something and ran out the door. He threw the box right there."

Not wanting to pry myself away from the task at hand of ripping the plastic off the peppermints, I didn't look up. "What'd he steal?" I asked her.

She giggled. "Beano."

I laughed. "Ha! Yeah, right." I had finally gotten the box open and handed her a peppermint.

"No, seriously. He slipped the Beano out of the box and into his pocket, threw the box down, and ran out the door. Look."

I looked to the place where her finger pointed, and there it was. An open empty box that used to contain Beano.

Why things like this strike me as hilarious is a mystery unto itself, but I laughed until the tears rolled down my face and my stomach hurt and the Walmart clerk looked questioningly at Bee while wondering if she was going to have to call 911.

For a split second on our way out the door I felt a twinge of guilt that neither one of us said anything to an employee about the shoplifter. But then I just shrugged my shoulders because, truly, a person who has to steal Beano from Walmart doesn't really need any more problems in his life.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Shameless Blog Promotion

If you're still looking for the perfect holiday gifts, or if you just need something pretty for yourself, don't miss tonight's Design Collective show at the Accident Gallery. The Design Collective is a series of shopping events that celebrate Humboldt County's local design talent. The Holiday Collective is the 3rd in the series and last for the year!

Like a certain other blogger, I am also a jewelry designer in my spare time and will be there drunkenly hawking my wares. Because there's beer. And food. And a DJ. And admission is free. So it's a good time whether you're shopping or not.

Here's Shane and Monica. Monica is wearing one of my pendants featuring a piece of vintage sheet music that says "Pretty Baby," which she is. (I blatantly stole this picture from Greg without even asking because I'm bad. Very, very bad.)

You can see more of my stuff here, but I really hope to see you tonight!