Friday, September 28, 2007

I still heart statcounter.


Alright, it's time yet again for a running tally of phrases and words that have led the searchers to our fuzzy little world of  Chocolate Covered Xanax.

Who are these people? (and why haven't they invited me to their parties?)


* red bumps inner thighs after camping
* is it possible to get giardia from port-a-potty
* i love xanax
* we love to have sex covered in food
* b&m canned bread where to buy california
* girls covered in baked beans
* i dont like you i think i love you
* xanax chocolate bars
* my favorite day of the week saturday
* exciting foreplay
* xanax ingredients made simple
* chocolate covered breasts

and the ever popular:

* chocolate assless chaps.

White chocolate has always been my favorite kind.


Tapperass said...


Just pointing out a slight omission.


Anonymous said...

Are there really girls like you? Or are you just a kidder?

Anonymous said...

I can attest that she is like herself , and she is a kidder but she is not kidding.That makes me very lucky indeed..

flying squirrel..

Anonymous said...

You get some good ones.

Yesterday someone found my blog by googling "zombie impregnation."

Anonymous said...

Kristabel, was that really the best guy you could find in assless chaps? I mean in this abyss we call the world wide web surely we can find a hotter man in assless chaps.


Kristabel said...

Sorry Ann,

I've got a thing for guys that wear sparkly cowboy hats. I just can't help myself!

Kristabel said...

Dear anonymous,

I'm not sure whether to be flattered or offended by that question, but I guess Squirrel answered it in a very modest display of testosterone.

Kristabel said...

H...zombie impregnation??!

I must've missed that post.

Carol said...


Anonymous said...

"I'm not sure whether to be flattered or offended"

I am September 28, 2007 3:50 PM

Kristabel, you should be flattered. I had no intention of offending you or Squirrel. He is indeed a lucky man, and I hope you two a life of happiness. It’s just that I get a chuckle out of your antics, and I find some of them too far out to believe… I guess that’s what your blog is all about. Please keep up the good work.

I had no intention of being personal or intrusive, or causing you undue anxiety. Sincere apologies to both you and Squirrel if it was taken that way. I consider my face being properly E-slapped.

Kristabel said...

Dear, sweet anonymous,

You are much more thoughtful and sensitive than me. "Offended" was probably too strong of a word. I just meant that I wasn't sure if your question was positive or negative. Thanks for clearing that up.

As for being intrusive...I don't think that's possible with the exhibitionist-like nature of CCX, so don't worry your pretty little head about it for another second. Squirrel, although it makes him shake his head from time to time, has accepted this fact.

I'll still give you an e-slap, though...but only if you'd really, really like it.

Anonymous said...

Only if you dip your hand in e-chocolate first...

Kristabel said...

...and with one short sentence, sweet anonymous proves that he fits right in here at Chocolate Covered Xanax.


Anonymous said...

b&m canned bread where to buy california?

You would think the Burnham & Morrill Co. would send us a years supply in thanks for bringing a renewed interest to this culinary delight.

zanax said...

Love the idea. Definitely rings some bells.