Saturday, May 10, 2008

More Marshmallows

Several weeks ago I was hanging out over at Carol and Greg's place. Much to my chagrin, sweet Carol mentioned that sometimes she feels like she can't post under her own name here at CCX, so she posts anonymously because the topics often make her blush. Imagine that! She also mentioned that the "kahlua marshmallow" idea came from her - anonymously. She so inspired me that I had to create a marshmallow just for Carol, but not the kahlua ones she had imagined.

For this recipe, there will be absolutely no blush-inducing comments. No talk of spanking benches or sex toy mishaps or assless chaps. No mention of that thing boy-most-likely-to does with his tongue. No new ideas for Saturday night adventures. No blog fantasies about Heraldo or Carson Park Ranger. No photos of drag queens or discussions of stiletto heels and sequined panties. No shameless flirtation with Jane Doe, Erin, Headwrapper, Mresquan and.....oh, who am I kidding....all the rest of you. And there certainly won't be any mention of Carol's own shameless flirtation with Humboldt Turtle over at The Herald. Ahem. And so I give you (in recipe format for you email beggers - sorry for the slacking):

Carol's Please-Stop-Talking-About-Saturday-Night
Blushing Pink Marshmallows

4 envelopes gelatin
1/2 cup strawberry puree
1 and 1/4 cup water
3 cups sugar
1 and 1/4 cups light corn syrup
1/4 teaspoon salt
powdered sugar and cornstarch for dusting

Line a 13" x 9" pan with aluminum foil and lightly rub with vegetable oil.

Mix the strawberry puree and 1/2 cup of the water in the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whip attachment. Sprinkle the gelatin over to soften.

Put the sugar, corn syrup, remaining 3/4 cup water and salt in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Cook until it reaches the soft ball stage (234 - 240 F).

Turn the mixer on to full speed and slowly pour the hot syrup down the sides of the bowl. Whip until the mixture is very stiff and fluffy, about 15 minutes.

Pour into the prepared pan and smooth with a spatula. Let sit uncovered at room temperature for at least 8 hours.

Mix equal parts powdered sugar and corn starch and spread some onto your work surface. Turn the marshmallow mass out onto this and peel off the foil. Dust with more sugar/starch. Slice into squares using a thin-bladed knife and dip all cut edges into the sugar/starch mixture.

Marshmallows will keep several weeks if kept in an airtight container at room temperature.


If you need more in-depth instruction with photos, look here.

These marshmallows are delicious and so pretty with just their faint hint of blushing spring pink. When I took them to work they were snapped up so quickly I didn't even have time to save any to deliver to the muse herself. Sorry, Carol!


Greg said...

Well, where are my marshmallows? All this, and no samples?

PS - Some of your stuff would make a lumberjack blush. Good work!

Carol said...

Now I am really blushing!


Anonymous said...

And yes, they were delicious!!!! I was lucky enough to stop by your work, Kristabel. Thank you for sharing. Thank you, Carol.

Kristabel said...

Greg...I'm sorry! I'll make another batch, and you'll be my first delivery. Sorry. By the way, some of those lumberjacks are pretty delicate.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe, even though I miss the flirting.

How do I get to be a taste tester?

Jennifer McKenzie said...

That looks decadent.

Anonymous said...

gosh Carol why wouldnt yuo want to sing your real name? Hmmm? but anyway like i was saying last time i had this blog fantasie but now its like its all differant and changed and different and shit LOL cuz now i wanna serve kahlua mallows with my special purple brownies at my poetry reading if i ever have one LOL and but my biggest most obsessive kinda cum-pulse-ive like fantasie that i want so bad LOL is for Carol to wail on a harmonica ... or two ...while Suzy is slammin the wurds down in (F and C) or somehting, something really reallly funky LOL
i can dance
i can jive
buzzin like a beehive
see this clone
she is the dancing green



Kristabel said...


Suzy... please let me be the official marshmallow caterer at your poetry reading.

A play on an ABBA song and everything.....


Anonymous said...

gosh Kristabel that would be so totally cewl wow ... it makes me feel like dancing ;~)

night is young and the music's hiiiigh .. .. ..

to C or not to C --that is the questoin...

love and kahlua,

Tapperass said...

OK, mow that we have appeased carol, how about a recipe for "Marshmallows that would make Boy do that thing with his tongue!" ?

Carol said...

xoxoxoxoxoxoxo to Suzi LOL!!!

Sure let's jam sum harmonica and poetree soon. Kristabel please make the kahula marshmallows! Thanks for the giggles!


Carol with a C!

Greg said...

Sorry, I can't write after reading the word "huggles".

Anonymous said...

thats IT greg... Suzys theme == the need to rite after huggles
oh Billy yuo were soooooooo good tonite...
try to stay awake it not even 4'20 yet LOL
all together now one too threeeee... LOL
p;lant a poetree


Carol said...

Nice bongos, Suzi! Girl, you were up an hour before me this morning. It is a nice time of the day. LOL! Have a groovy day!


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Kristabel said...

I have no tolerance for comments like that, anonymous. Knock it off.