Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Welcome Home

Keri is on her way back today from visiting Burt's family in Minnesota, or as she fondly calls it, "Home of the Hot Dish." Ah, family vacations. Almost everyone I know has a family vacation story. I have several, but those are for another day.

Today I want to welcome Keri back with a special little memory about a family vacation we all took together one year. All ten of us, including Grandpa Joe, spent a week on a houseboat on Lake Shasta. That's right - ten people, four of them bratty teenagers, and one tiny bathroom. Good times.

On our last night there, our parents had the grand idea of holding a talent show. This was the year that "Yo MTV Raps" debuted, so Keri and I decided to write our own rap song for the event. Our brothers (both sporting fine mullets at the time) provided the background beats. I still remember the first line.

Here's a little story
We'd like to tell
About a family vacation
That was
For some reason our parents were less than amused.

And so I give you, straight from the summer of 1988:

D.J. Parachute Pants and The Flashdancer

Yes, that really is our hair. We were totally tubular!

What's your favorite family vacation memory?


Tricia said...

Oh my - I can totally relate to that hair.

Hmmm family vacation memory? My family never took vacations but I do recall that summer of 1988 as well we spent a week in a borrowed RV in a parking lot at the Farm Show Complex in Harrisburg, PA during a heat wave. The RV had no AC. We were there for a national show for a species of livestock to remain confidential. Some of my friends were there. Despite spending the entire time dripping wet with sweat and being totally unable to sleep my sister and I had a good time, we stayed up all night in the barns with our friends playing Pictionary and laughing like fools.

Ah good times.

Jennifer Savage said...

Please tell me... your song is to the tune of The Beastie Boys' "Paul Revere"? Yes? Or am I projecting?

Carol said...

I had hair like that once.

Love your necklaces. Is that a VW emblem around your neck?

Kristabel said...

Tricia...now you've really got me curious...confidential livestock? I have to know.

Word to your mother, Jen.

Yep, Carol...I'm so embarrassed.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the WordPress logo. You were hip before your time.

mresquan said...

That glam rock do mixed with some whacked out rapping....throw on that cowgirl hat and them stiletto's and what a show you've got going for ya!!

Keri said...

Wow, thanks for rolling out the welcome mat and the dirty laundry all at the same time! I'm full of hot dish and mosquito bites but had a great time. I'll post pictures soon. For now let me just give you a little teaser and say "SPAM museum".

Ah, to be young again. White girls rappin' was funky fresh!