Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Summertime Wedd'n

Her hair was a mass of graceful curls colored strawberry blond. Her neck was adorned with a vintage turquoise necklace. The dress was beautiful and lacy with a peek of tulle at the hem. The blood red dahlia tucked gently behind her left ear paled in comparison to the color of her ruby red lips. Her hazel eyes twinkled with excitement and her skin was soft and rosy warm. As she took her first footstep forward toward her new life she completely erased the previous 9 hours from her mind. She was the bride and she was ready to walk down the path of dried flower petals that would lead her to her Squirrel.

The day started gloomy, fog ridden and moist. We were concerned but hoped for the sunny skies that were sure to follow. When it did clear up, the sun brought with it high winds that blew like gale forces. The newly hung paper lanterns were no match and several snapped off of the grand tree in the strain. The tablecloths that covered the picnic tables looked as if they were kites being tethered to the earth by tape. We both looked at each other with utter dread.
"The List" had to be completed, as it contained all the last minute details to ensure this wedding would be a presentable success. With the mastery skills of a Marine Corps drill sergeant, we sent people on task. There could be no slacking today!

When crisis arose we handled it like a well run emergency room. "The caterer needs ice, STAT!"

When disaster struck we were like FEMA (or what FEMA should be). "The PA system isn't working? Let's send in a new extension cord!"

When doors needed hanging, grass needed mowing and cow patties needed hucking we were like the old Life cereal commercials "Get Burt, he'll do it. He'll do anything."

Fearing that furrowed brow look we tried not to let the stress of the day have it's way with us. With the promise of wine and Limoncello we pressed on. Thankfully, with the help of several friends and family, the site looked amazingly perfect. The wind died and the elegant, colorful, country wedding could commence.

Now don't think that just because it was one of the most beautiful surroundings that we didn't overhear quite a few funny stories or see some bizarre drunken behavior. Oh we did! Not only did we see it but we probably participated in half of it. We can't be prim and proper all the time! As Kristabel likes to say, "Go ahead and let your freak flag fly!" So as ABBA gave a private concert in our valley, we all got our drunk on, gave a toast in appreciation to our hosts, flew the flag and passed out in exhaustion.

What a wonderful day. What a beautiful couple. What a fun time! Let's do it again this weekend!!!!

Oh, and by the way, I finally squeezed into that dress. At least for a few hours....


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, just beautiful. Tears welling up....and B&M's brown bread is bringing the community together once more. It truly is the sustenance for new life.

Congratulations, you two!

Carol said...

It was great to meet you, Keri! You looked beautiful in your dress.

Now Kristabel is Mrs. Squirrel -- congratulations the Squirrel family!


Carol and Greg

Tapperass said...

Thanks Keri, for those wonderful words about what was truly a beautiful day. And thanks for not going into too much detail about the ABBA concert.


Keri said...

Carol and Boy,

It was nice to finally meet you both! I had a great time.

Don't worry, what happens at the ABBA ranch, stays at the ABBA ranch. Freda and my lips are sealed!

Eko, you should have stopped by for the brown bread apps. They were delish!

Anonymous said...

Oh Keri, you made this old aunt of yours shed a few happy tears! You were beautiful on the outside as well as on the inside for more then just the special day for Kristabel! Thank you! I love you!

Keri said...

Thanks Aunt F. I was so glad to be a part of it all. Your flowers were gorgeous and added to the beauty of the day.


PS- you didn't look so bad yourself!