Thursday, February 21, 2008

Full Moon Lunatics...

Did you feel that?!?!? I know it wasn't just me, right?? There was definitely a pull at mankind's mental state. Sort of like when you see that random string hanging from your sweater so you give a little tug and the next thing you know, you've come undone. Literally.

Today I stood all day with my mental yarn at my ankles. Yards of it. I was going to just cut it off but then I saw all my co-workers had the same bundle at their feet. Hmmm. So I carried on, tripping most of the day.

I knew I had experienced this phenomena before but just couldn't put my finger on it. It took a 5th grade autistic boy to explain that we had a full moon and that the lunatics were on the loose. He then proceeded to explain that Luna was Latin for moon and that the lunatics come out when one is in the sky. Made sense. I had a sudden flashback to hospital work and how the ER and Labor and Delivery would swell to capacity with the bulging moon.

So with this new found knowledge I am now going to be checking the calendar frequently. I want to make sure I pack a pair of knitting needles in my purse... just in case I come undone or need to fend off a lunatic.


Kristabel said...

There was also a lunar eclipse last may have brought out even more lunatics than usual, but it was beautiful...hope you caught it.

Yes, pack the knitting needles for next time and also... CALL YOUR COUSIN...who's always coming undone and will be glad to join you.


Romeo said...

This kid sounds like a genius, like the rainman but with out the math =). iv heard a few crazy story of the aussie outback on a fullmoon. the moon controls the tides of the seas so there is some easy proof of its effects.

beachcomber said...

Having dispatched law enforcement, I can tell you there IS a correlation between the full moon and human behavior. I was never sure if the moon CAUSED the mood or just inspired it. Heck, we Humboldt people act that way when the SUN comes out, don't we?

Jennifer McKenzie said...

THAT explains my week. Of course, I'm pretty sure I was the lunatic but I'm glad there's an explanation.

Tapperass said...

I want to make sure I pack a pair of knitting needles in my purse... just in case I come undone or need to fend off a lunatic.

I understand. My mother would always try to get me to carry a pair. She felt the same way you do. I had to constantly remind her I had no place to keep them. She always said to keep them in my pocket. My Pocket? Never. It was bad enough my friends got on my case listening to rock music instead of that pre-packaged dance stuff they were brainwashed by, but if they thought I was also into knitting...I would have never been issued a Man Card.