Friday, February 20, 2009

Sometimes things shift.

Life is fluid. Change is often needed for growth.
Blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

Damn, I'll miss you Eko.
You and your refined palate.



Anonymous said...

Niiiiice shirt.

Anonymous said...

This is really very sad. I hope he
doesn't quit forever.

Indie said...

I wonder why. Was the blog getting to be a drag?

Will we all become bored by or burned out by our blogs one of these days?

I'm new to this so I seriously want to know. Two blogs I read regularly have shut down now.

Kristabel said...

That's what I call it too, Jen. Excellent - it's a new FOG!

I can't speak for Eko and have no idea why he made his decision, just faith that it's the right one for him right now.

I don't post nearly as often as I used to - for many reasons. I even started to write a post once about it then lost motivation! Life gets busy, and it's hard to keep up. Heartbreak happens, and it's difficult to write anything at all. At times it has felt like an obligation instead of a creative outlet (this is completely self-imposed.) So I guess I don't have any answers either.

It says something really sweet about our little Humboldt blogging community that when someone folds their blog we feel such sadness!

Anonymous said...

At times it has felt like an obligation instead of a creative outlet

True, true.

\ said...

Yes, yes yes, i know!!! even us commenteers are feeling the grind :( we get stressed out ya know, like there's always the pressure to give guve give... to perform... it drains a poor Suzy --whats she to do? I dont like to fake a blog comment any more than i like to fake an orgasm but... uh, hey --I need a high-ate-us Or to retire, no, not that, never that, no,,, sothen... 'suzy goes on,,, but uh where was I? uh, oh the obligations... im tired and i dont have time, its hard to make time for love much less bolgs, er, and the fingers, does anybody care about the fingers, sometimes they dont want to go 3 the rite keys ... they wander about lost, end up in a hole inthe wall bar no doubt, wrapped around a rum and coke, probly trying to stop the pain and shore up their uh thier confidance 2 type the write words and like that and everything, then they probably are seen sneaking to the ally to smoke a dooby no doubt... but i'll be back maybe i suppose, bearing my cross and LOL my chain, and my feathers, and my little heart earrings and my shoes taht click and my everything. No i wont ever let my fans down. And if i do they will be even more pleased... its a win win situation ... its all good and its another bueatiful day in blogodice thats what i keep telling myself, and

miss you Eko, oxo,

Anonymous said...

Ekovox, I enjoyed your blogsite, and talking about the Humboldt County. I send my best to you as I know you have to be spending your time doing something else. Good luck with that.


Kristabel said...

You just crack me up, Suzy.


Ernie Branscomb said...

Well, the one thing that Eko will miss out on is Suzy's wit.

Maybe Kristabel should give him my "Time heals all" speech.

His ability to spin a yarn and tell a bit about history is what mostly inspired my blog. I'll miss him... (As Ekovox exits stage left)

Anonymous said...

Okay, that's enough. We must never speak of Eko again.