Thursday, May 14, 2009

Big Giant Plant Sale

The weather is supposed to be sunny and lovely this weekend. What a perfect time to walk around a gorgeous yard drinking lemonade (or limoncello in a flask. Mmmmm), buy some plants and maybe even take them home and put them in the ground.

Charlie's Blossoms annual plant sale starts tomorrow. The plants are beautiful and healthy, and there's a huge variety: perennials, annuals, flowers, herbs, veggies. Plus the prices are super reasonable, and if you buy one or more tomatoes, you get one free.

Charlie's Blossoms Annual Plant Sale
Friday, Saturday and Sunday, May 15, 16 and 17
from 9 to 4
4180 Loop Road, Fortuna

Here's a map.

Check it out, and tell them Kristabel sent you.

I got my stash already. Don't they look amazing?

They're all ready to go in the brand new raised beds that Big Hands built for me. Although Zinnia, the sweet thing who adopted me several weeks ago, seems to have other ideas.

P.S. This is my mom's place, so be nice. And pick up after yourself. And please don't mention anything about Saturday night.


Sandi said...

Oh! I'll be there :-). I usually hit the plant sale at the corner of Loop and Rohnerville and get my fix. Can't wait, thanks for letting me know!

Fred Mangels said...

Don't forget to post this info on Craigslist, as well. It worked for me. In fact, the last plant sale the wife and her mother had, she said they might not have had anybody show up if I hadn't posted the Craigslist ad.

Kristabel said...

Maybe I
I'll see you there, Sandi.

Great idea, Fred. Thanks!

Kristabel said...

Man, I'm really bad at typing on the blackberry.

Fred Mangels said...

I'd suggest putting the ad under Craigslist' Garage Sales category. There's also Farm and Garden. You're choice, but I think they only let you list an ad under one category. I tried to do a plant sale under both and got some message that my ad was already posted.

Oh, and you have some competition. Someone in Crescent City is holding a plant sale, too:

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Kristabel! You said it all much better then I ever could have. Love, Charlie

Sandi said...

Kristabel, does she still have a lot of stuff left? I hope to go on Sunday morning.

Carol said...

Sandi, knowing Kristabel's mom, I am sure she planted lots of seeds and will still have some plants on Sunday. We may go Sunday morning, too, since today we will be rototilling and adding soil amendments. Nice kitty and raised beds, K!

Kristabel said...

Hi has been steady, but there are tons and tons of plants. I'm sure there will still be lots to choose from on Sunday. By the way, have you seen that video where the guy breaks up with his girlfriend because she won't get out of her snuggie? I laughed and laughed and thought of you. That's really not as weird as it sounds.

Thanks, Carol! It would be great to see you guys. xo

Sandi said...

Ha! I actually had a Snuggie wish the other night watching my son's baseball game. I thought for just a millisecond that maybe they weren't that bad. It was freezing but thank God I didn't give in. We dealt with the snotciscles and didn't look too rediculous in the process!

Sandi said...

Great to meet you today and thank your mom again for the great plants!!!

Jennifer McKenzie said...

OH MAN! I missed it!!!!! And SANDI got to meet you? *sob*
Those plants look awesome though.

Kristabel said...

It was so good to meet you, Sandi! Thanks for coming.

Jen..if it makes you feel any better, we totally talked about you. We also discussed a summer Humboldt County women bloggers' meet-up. Are you in?