Sunday, May 10, 2009

Did you hear that?

Date: May 10, 2009
Time: 5:00 p.m.
Place: Fortuna Safeway

Usually I reserve this space for conversations I've overheard. Well, actually, they're usually conversations that I've eavesdropped on, but overheard sounds less pathetic. Today, though, I'm sharing a conversation I had with a man at Safeway that I really can't figure out.

I am fortunate to have been born a nutball magnet. (Thanks, Mom, and Happy Mother's Day.) If there's a person who's a little off, a little rough around the edges, a little wild-eyed anywhere near me, they will almost always start talking to me, and it's almost always fascinating.

Today I was shopping for bananas. I'll only eat them when they're barely ripe, so I was trying to find the very greenest there. A man with unkempt grey hair started fondling the bananas next to me.

"You know," he said, "You can get these at Costco, and they look like they came right off the boat."

I looked at him quizzically. I wasn't sure what boat he was talking about.

"It's true. My wife and I got some, and when they turned brown, we ate them with cat."

I wasn't quite sure how to respond, so I didn't, just cocked my head in confusion as he hurried away.

I'm still left pondering. Is this a racist joke that I don't get? Does his cat like really ripe bananas? Should I stop shopping in Fortuna? Anyone?


Anonymous said...

I don't know what to say about this either, but your tags cracked me up.

Tapperass said...

If you later discover that you are somehow related to this guy, then yeah, stop shopping in Fortuna.


\ said...

it goes 2 show that if one goes shopping 4 green bananas, and one shops just far enough down the aisle, reason will disappear with rhyme as your mind goes soft be4 yr ship comes in and the cocked head realizes that as the wife leaves for Kostco after the banana sinks, all that she'll leave behind is a cryptic note in a brown bottle that says "meow"...


Carol said...

Shopping in Fortuna is like a field trip.

Anonymous said...

Haven't you ever had Manxmeat pie?
Instead of raisins, most traditional bakers will use ripened bananas. I'm surprised you haven't heard of this recipe. It's a Rohnerville favorite and is usually served by the Toddy Thomas cooks during the holidays.

E. Kovox

Anonymous said...

oh dear. this is a wonderful story. tell me another!

Kristabel said...

Thanks, Suzy. That explains it all.

So's doing laundry at Launderland, Carol!

E. - unfortunately my mom always sent me with a cold lunch, so I must have missed this delicacy. But I have to admit that my heart started beating a little faster when I saw this comment and who it was from. xo

Anonymous said...

It must have been the bananas


Joel Mielke said...

Man-x-meat pie?
It sounds like a confusing '70s super-eight film.

Kristabel said...

I love it when Carson Park Ranger talks about porn.

Anonymous said...

Hey anon 1:32, take a name huh buddy? It helps to keep lines from getting crossed. Between the 3 anons on this post I can hardly tell who's flirting with who.

Anonymous said...

Ahem, I was flirting with myself.

Ekov....Nooooooo, Damn you Lodgepole! You can't trick me into using my old pseudonym....he is dead to me.....don't make me do it....your bacon trap almost worked....your sinful blogger ways are the mark of the beast! I must resist....I must resist....

Ernie Branscomb said...

Say the name of the Devil three times and he will appear !

Wow! What memories. The following post from logepole sounds like one from Eek... Eek... What's his name several years ago, encouraging Logepole to pick a name and stick with it. That was back when Mr. E was "The Blog Meister".

"Hey anon 1:32, take a name huh buddy? It helps to keep lines from getting crossed. Between the 3 anons on this post I can hardly tell who's flirting with who.


Carol said...

Just DON'T call him Ecovox - I learned my lesson!

Elle Mae said...

Oh Eko where have you gone?? U
shall never be replaced. I was
hoping u were the hillbilly but I
guess not.

Allisun said...

Blogger Rich of has a persian cat and some funny footage of him eating a banana.