Saturday, July 25, 2009

Like ice is cold, baby.

I've been getting my craft on like mad lately. My hair smells like hot metal, my fingers are blistered and my bottom lip has a bloody indentation in it from hard concentration. But it will all be worth it on Sunday because Arcata's hosting the first Humboldt County indie handmade market, the Snip and Stitch Craft Extravaganza, and I'll be there in full crafty glory.

There will be about thirty local artists, designers and crafters showing off their gorgeous wares, and the Monster Women and the Ian Fays are playing. It's going to be a great time, plus it's a wonderful opportunity to support local people making beautiful and uncommon goods instead of buying factory made crap from China.

So come to the plaza between 10 and 4 and visit me. I'll be the one in the Carnival Girl Designs booth smiling uncomfortably and looking like I need a drink because I'm an absolutely horrible salesperson.

Here's some of my latest adornments:

Bird pendants

Vintage sheet music pendants

Mexican loteria card pendants

Strange pictures from vintage dictionary pendants

and of course risque' French postcard pendants

Hope to see you there!


headwrapper said...

Can't make it to Arcata but let me know if you want to trade something for 'fox - y'

Anonymous said...

I'm not in Old Town anymore for work. I miss running into you, I miss the hot coffee shop guy, I miss lurking in Accident Gallery when I need ten minutes to myself.
But I will not miss the craft extravaganza in Arcata tomorrow. Will not.

Kristabel said...


Could bartering include non-material maybe something involving the headmaster's paddle?

Oh dear; I think the champipple is getting to me. Regardless, foxy is yours.


Kristabel said...


I also miss how you used to stalk me on the streets of Old Town. It would be fabulous to see you!


Jennifer Savage said...

Oh, I love the octopus and the sexy ones! But I'm determined to get to the river tomorrow (love the fog normally, but something about wearing a hoodie and beanie the entire month of July eventually gets to me) – do you sell your pretties anywhere in town?

Anonymous said...

Dang, I wish my daughter were visiting from Portland. She would be all over this like glitter on a glue gun. What a great idea for an event.


Heraldo said...

Perfect opportunity to send her a gift, Eko.

headwrapper said...

I will exchange three units of paddle service for one fox-y enchained, but only if you'll promise to say, "oh dear, oh dear, oh dear!"

crossgirl said...

Psssst, bring your own drinkies along. It will make the whole uncomfortable part that much more bearable! Umm, not that I'd do that or anything. Someone told me.

Kristabel said...

This summer of fog is about to kill me, Jen, and you would think I'd be used to it since I was born here. Hope you got to the river. The jewelry is at the Accident Gallery, Suki Boutique and soon to be in Shipwreck in Eureka and at Essence of Humboldt in Arcata.

Kristabel said...

The headmaster of headwrapping school always makes me blush and snort simultaneously. Oh dear.

Thanks for the tip, crossgirl!