Sunday, September 13, 2009

Sunday ponderings

So here I sit, wallowing in self-imposed blogging anxiety because I am supposed to be writing based on B. There are just too many possibilities....blood, breakfast, brains, bondage, bad choices, boots, breasts, bourbon, bitter, bicycle, bald, beg, burrito, bumpy....and the list goes on. So instead, I'm pondering some questions I have about these two photos taken with my terrible cell phone camera. Perhaps you can help.

Antibacterial gel with a convenient plastic hanger. Sign of the times....or sign of obsessive compulsive disorder?

A portrait with a squash for a hat. So bad it's good, or just so, so bad?

I lean toward the latter conclusion in both. You?


Fred Mangels said...


Anonymous said...

At least you know HOW to take photos with your cell phone :-/.

Your gel photo reminds me of a disturbing trend I've witnessed at a local elementary school. Kids don't wash their hands anymore, just smear some alcohol gel on their hands and call it good. I know we're all worried about bacteria, but what about DIRT? Grime? Cat poop the five year old finds in the wood chips? I'm starting to pine for good old soap and water...

Carol said...

I wonder what happens to the bacteria when one uses that stuff? At least with handwashing the germs go down the drain. OCD, yes.

Pumpkin hat - cute, but it might be too heavy to wear - reminds of of Jack Pumpkinhead in one of the Oz books.

crossgirl said...

Love, love, love the pumpkin hat. So bad it's good!!!

Anonymous said...

What the hell is up with that painting?

heraldo said...

Why hang the stuff on your big knob? There must be a better place for it.

There is a perfect spot for that painting somewhere.

Kristabel said...

I love it when Heraldo talks about big knobs.

Lindsey! said...

Oh, PLEASE tell me that painting is somewhere here in Humboldt! It is glorious! I must have it in my house.

Kristabel said...

I guess the perfect spot is at Lindsey!'s house, H.

You can find it at the Bayshore Mall in that strange space with the arts and crafts and Johnny Depp poster across from Supercuts. I hope you'll email me a photo of it in its place of honor.

\ said...

Squash Hat falls so exactly inbetween 'just bad' and 'so bad it's good' that you wonder wtf? Anything that can just stop you in your tracks like that, (stops time even in the mall even if just for an instant) must signify something important or something --Suzy dont know what but... Here's a picture that's really really really bad -- so totally lukewarm that you just wish it didn't exist.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Btw, all that alcohol gel? Worthless against most bacteria.
I know this because we did an experiment in my microbiology class at CR.
We swabbed the floor, the desk and the door handle. We did a control (sterile swab) and let the little critters grow.
Then, we applied the hand wash. I used it then, kept it in my purse. So we used that.
If anything, the critters GREW!!!
So there.
What were we talking about?
Oh right.
Why didn't you do Bondage? I would have enjoyed that. LOL.

McKinleyville Kris said...

Anti-bacterial gel? A scam like most things advertized as NECESSARY.

Squash hat looks like a turban squash--so perhaps a visual pun and just as good and/or as bad as they ever/always are?

Kristabel said...

A turban squash! Now it all makes sense.... Nice catch, Kris. xo