Friday, June 29, 2007

Old Town Observations


Because you don't look like you're even old enough to drive yet, I've got some helpful tips for you while cruising old town.

* The big word "stop" on that funny-shaped red sign at the corner of Third and E means that you should stop your car.

* When there is a group of people crossing the street in the crosswalk, it is customary to also stop your car then and wait for them to cross.

* It is NOT customary, especially when this group consists of three people with disabilities, to not stop your car but instead swerve around them, missing one by mere inches.

Thanks for your time.

And on another Old Town note: Woooooo hoooooooooo! It's a carnival!

In the empty lot by the boardwalk at 1st and D streets. What a dark, seedy and absolutely perfect place to show some carny love. Who's buying my cotton candy?


bloggled said...

Agreed on the driving assessment. Within the past couple of weeks, I've witnessed more than one near accident involving aggressively driven police vehicles. I've also noticed a stepped up police presence on the streets of Eureka.! This is not a bad thing...just the opposite...but perhaps there is a connection and a need for a courteous/safe driving reminder for the EPD.

Anonymous said...

i havent noticed an icrease in cops...un fact, i had a thief holed a up in my backyard last week. he had stolen a neighbors chainsaw and ran in the direction of my place. i chased him into an area that he couldnt get out of and told him i was goin to shoot his ass.......i called 911 3 times, they said epd was on its way... they NEVER showed....i let the guy go...if the cops cant bother to enforce crime, why should i? was i expected to make a citizens arrest?