Thursday, June 28, 2007

Thursday Morning Commute Statistics

Number of deer seen: 14

Number of times stopped by cows in the road: 3

Number of times stopped by peacocks in the road: 1

Number of fantasies about hot opinionated bloggers: at least 7

Number of curves from Malfunction Junction to Ferndale on Wildcat Road: I stopped counting at 100

Number of coffee spills into cleavage: 3

Number of swear words issued at cattle truck driving 10 miles-an-hour under the speed limit: 5

Number of times wondering, "What the hell are these huge orange things in the highway for, and why do they go all the way to Eureka?": 2

Number of daydreams about cal-trans workers behind huge orange things: 1, well maybe 2, but that last one doesn't really count.


Keri said...

Number of times your passenger felt like vomiting due to motion sickness:77,253.

Number of times you thought you were going to go off the edge because it was midnight with fog and those damn kamakaze rabbits kept throwing themselves at the car:27

Making it home safely: priceless

Anonymous said...

I whooped it up one 4th of July on Mad Dog 20-20 at the Mattole Grange until 3am...and then teetered over to my campsite at A.W. Way campground next door. After the twirlies came and went and I got about four hours of sleep, it was time to drive back to Eureka. Damn you Petrolia Road! Upchucked three times between the store and Malfunction Junction.
I should have taken Upper Bear River Road into Rio would have been smoother.

I guess you pay for your sins.

Kristabel said...

And those kinds of memories are priceless as well.

I don't know about taking Bear River Ridge Rd. to Rio Dell, though. It might have been a less-curvy ride, but as Keri mentioned, you would have had to deal with those crazy Jihad bunnies.