Saturday, April 5, 2008

Ceviche Saturday and a Man With a Mop

Ahhh, I love the smell of Saturday morning. Today our's smells like lavendar lysol and that delectable appetizer, Ceviche. Come on over and join us won't ya?

I got this recipe in my former life as bride #1. We were on our honeymoon in Pismo Beach and decided to stop in Morro Bay for a bite to eat at the Great American Fish Company. Their ceviche was delicious and as I pondered whether my new marriage would last, I decided I would at least try to get a new recipe out of the whole deal in case it didn't. Good thing I got the recipe.

Oh, before we start, I need to let you know I'm a dumper. I don't always have exact measurements (especially in this case where I got the recipe on the sly from the cute dining room manager Brandon.) So if you are totally type A just go with the flow baby.

Ingredients: Raw red snapper (this morning we used Tilapia) cubed. Don't worry about the bones. They dissolve in the lime juice. Green onion chopped, chopped red onion, lime juice, tomatoes (I have to run to the store to get them), cilantro, serrano pepper or jalapeno (we used cayenne), cumen, salt. Okay, so I skipped a few steps. I didn't realize that maybe I should be taking pictures ala Kristabel until 1/2 way through. So, cube up your fish. Chop up your cilantro. If you are using fresh peppers chop and throw them in for good measure too, otherwise sprinkle on your cayenne to your taste. Then I use about 1/4 tsp of cumen and salt to taste.

Now squeeze lime juice all over your mixture. I used 4 fresh limes but found I needed to use some Nellie and Joe's Famous Key lime juice. Make sure your fish is totally covered. The fish will cook from the acids in the lime juice. It's all very scientific and I can't explain it. I just know it works. Trust me this... Mmmmm. Lookin' good baby. Now if only I was 21 again and vacationing in Pismo sans the ex. Okay, cover and marinate for 6 hours in the fridge. I know, I'm sorry. This isn't one of those instant gratification foods. This is more like making love, slow but orgasmic at the end. Go find something to do. Myself? I'm going to lounge about and watch my male housekeeper bend, stretch and give the floor a good what for. See you in 6 hours. We'll finish then.
Hey, welcome back. Ready to finish? Funny, Burt said that earlier. Hee, hee. We're almost there. That's what I said...earlier. Anywhooo...
Drain all that liquid off of your fish. The fish should look nice and white and feel more firm than before. Trust me, you want it firm. Uh hum.
Then chop up your tomatoes, pepper (if you didn't add it before) and onions. Throw them in and give it a good stir. You might want to add more salt at this point.
Isn't it pretty? I love eating pretty food. Just think how good this will be in the summer when the tomatoes actually have flavor!
Put a little on your favorite cracker or tortilla chip and enjoy.

Oh and Burt? The mopping didn't last long once basketball came on.


Kristabel said...

Oh my god - two posts in a row! You're a blogging fool. A real blog maniac.

That looks delicious. Oh, and so does the fish.


Keri said...

She's a maaannniac, maaaaannniac on the blog! And she's bloggin' like she's never blogged before...

Yummm, I'm going to give a review of both.


Tapperass said...

Burt was the man with the mop? I was hoping you were talking about some guy with a REALLY BAD hair piece.

And no picture to boot



Anonymous said...

I am soooooooooo making this next Saturday and will then lounge around with cold beers and pretend I'm in the islands instead of the swamp. Mmmmmm.

Now about that man, how can I get mine to do that mopping thing?

Carol said...


Keri said...

Yes, both the ceviche and the mopman were delish.

Crossgirl- Not unlike the marshmallow recipe, the secret is in the whipping.


Anonymous said...

Yum! I am going to try this but with clams to see if I can duplicate the wonderful clam ceviche I had in Mexico :)

Jennifer McKenzie said...

That looks yummy. A man mopping is just....yummy.

Tapperass said...

Yes, men who live alone actually mop quite a bit. I mean, those of us who like to have a clean home.

The Ceviche reminds of an Ex-, because she always ordered that at our "restaurant".

Good Stuff though.


Anonymous said...

This will be my contribution to the Cinco de Mayo party. Thanks.