Monday, March 10, 2008

Statcounter is still our friend....

Yes, it is. Besides outing obnoxious trolls who try to hide their identity by not using punctuation, statcounter still allows us to see the words and phrases people have searched for that led them to Chocolate Covered Xanax. I haven't listed any in quite awhile, so I thought I'd post this week's fabulous search terms. I've also categorized them for your reading convenience.

Xanax is Really Popular search terms:
  • Xanax and a six pack of beer
  • Go to Mexico for xanax
  • Can I take xanax anally Oh, the visuals from this one.
  • I love xanax
  • Does xanax make you horny
Special Friends search terms: (Don't ask us why looking for you leads them to us. We'll never tell....)
  • Man getting wax job this one led right to the post about looking for you, Heraldo
  • Fred Mangels blog
  • Greg said anonymous shut up Greg! What happened to be nice?
  • Bob Flame
  • Eureka Ekkovox blog
  • Humboldt blog Carson Park Ranger
  • Mresquan
Amateur Porn Opportunities search terms:
  • Spanking bench blog story
  • Chocolate covered sex
  • Girls covered in food
  • Bigfoot sex
  • Braided leather flogger
  • Huge nipples
  • Bollywood hairy armpits
  • Chocolate asshole
  • Naughty Safeway boys
  • Chocolate covered breasts
All these wonderful freaky internet researchers...and still no party invitations.


heraldo said...

Man getting wax job this one led right to the post about looking for you, Heraldo

Making fun of my unibrow, were you?

crossgirl said...

Where do I sign up for for the naughty Safeway boys?

Anonymous said...

Chocolate asshole. Eeew. Who are these people?

ordinary guy said...

Nobody searched for slutty girls?

The Boy Most Likely to ... said...

Nobody searched for Ordinary Guys either.


Kym said...

One of my biggest hit getters is this post.
I guess the combo of redhead pussy and coming is irresistible;>

Like my 17 year old said, "Sheesh, Mom, you just can't be that naive when you're making up titles."

Keri said...

I'm a little saddened that Assless Chaps didn't make a comeback. It would have been especially nice on those Naughty Safeway Boys.


Kristabel said...

Hee! Funny, Kym. If I were you, I'd title them all like that.

Keri...I know! Boy is slacking these days with his lack of comments about assless chaps.

mresquan said...

Hey you forgot limoncello and cowgirl hats.

Kristabel said...

Nobody searched for those either, mresquan. And if they did...I don't remember ever mentioning cowgirl hats here. Nice to see your fantasy's still intact, though.

mresquan said...

what about pole dancing and limoncello?

Jennifer McKenzie said...

Big Foot Sex? That's a little scary, isn't it?
I had to change my blog's name. "Jen's Hot and Sweet" blog got a TON of very twisted drive bys.

Carol said...

Google Oaxaca Mama Salsa. It will take you to this blog.

Jane Doe said...

Jen isn't into the spirit of sluttiness? You should have changed it to Jen's XXX Hot and Sweet :)

Anonymous said...

Did you see in the Times Standard from Saturday, March 15th that Xanax should not be mixed with alcohol? It was in the "Ask Abbey" (not that, but like that) column. Or was it the doctor column??


Kristabel said...

I vote for Jen's XXX Hot and Sweet Spank Me Thank Me blog.

Kristabel said...


I think xanax and alcohol don't mix because of the combined depressant effects. That's why I also add some dark chocolate and crystal meth. I've never had a problem.


Anonymous said...

You could throw in some Angel Dust for good measure..

Anonymous said...

Then follow it up by huffing some gas fumes...

Jane Doe said...

Some people just don't have a sense of humor.

Anonymous said...

Fine. But I prefer Ativan and alcohol. More pleasant.


Kristabel said...

Hee! Alright, Anony.Miss. You're definitely invited to the next ABBA sing-along.

Anonymous said...

I don't have those hit counter doo hickey deals....I'm too afraid. I wonder what Hot Dog/Butterscotch/Noodle Casserole would get me. In trouble is what.