Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quote of the Day

Last night I attended a public meeting in Eureka to discuss the California budget crisis.

More specifically, to discuss the horrendous cuts being made to individuals and services of some of our most vulnerable community members, equaling over 100 million dollars, and how they will affect people in Humboldt County.

More specifically, to be lectured to about the inevitability of these horrendous cuts and how "we're all in this together" from someone who makes over $100,000 a year. My favorite quote:

"You see we're not actually talking about cuts here, we're just talking about how services will be provided differently."

I have no comment other than a deep and heavy sigh.


Heraldo said...

[Insert wise words to console Kristable here.]

Greg said...

Some call this "starving the beast". We have names for those people. The government is on reactive mode right now. We can keep trying to elect good people and hope for the best.

Kristabel said...

Thanks, H. Could you also insert a head rub and a few tequila shots please?

Greg. Hope's running out quickly, but I like your new avatar.


Anonymous said...

Kristabel, I deleted my blog, so feel free to take it of your blogroll.


Auntie Mayme

Kristabel said...

Sorry to see you go, Mayme.

Thanks for speaking your truth about being a survivor.


Indie said...

You can bet it won't occur to the $100K per year person to trim in, say, administrative salaries. It never does.

Soon we will have a nation of service organizations, lushly staffed by administrators and no actual services provided at all.

It is the same in education. Cut, cut, cut the actual education, never the administrators.

And it is the same in the health care industry. What a sick system!

Anonymous said...

I sigh with you.