Tuesday, February 26, 2008

You Can't Get This at Home Depot...

I received a letter in my inbox that gave me a little dose of joy today. Apparently there is an estate sale happening locally. An estate sale full of all sorts of kinky goodness. Just in case any of you are interested in shopping local, here's the letter and list. Feel free to email me if you'd like the contact information. I promise I won't blog about you.

Be prepared for a fight, though, if you're going to try to beat me to the spanking bench.

On behalf of someone who desires to remain unnamed, I have been asked to share an "estate sale"...
There are a number of very beautiful pieces, and they
have been well cared for.

Any and all of these pieces would make a wonderful
addition to your toy collection. They are VERY
reasonably priced.

There are two pieces of furniture offered:

A steel spanking bench with leather top. It comes
apart. It is very well made, and a beautiful piece.

Steel bondage frame (sex swing frame)
Will support up to 450 pounds

I have a price list and pictures of the various toys
if you are interested.

The smaller toys:

Braided 23” Kangaroo Skin cat-o-nine tails
Braided 23” Suede cat-o-nine tails
Buffalo skin flogger (heavy thudding sensation)
Black leather flogger (bites a bit)
Belt leather flogger (OWWWWWWW)
Rubber band flogger (a neat stinging sensation)
4 foot single tail 2-tone black and brown
8 foot single tail 2-tone black and brown
6 piece wrist, ankle and palm restraints
4 piece wrist and ankle restraints
Large vaginal specula
1 pair leather gauntlets
Violet wand kit


Bumblebee said...

Oh please tell me we are going to that my friend /grins

Anonymous said...

Uh, Kristabel? How do you even come upon this kind of information?

Blah Blah Nyborg said...

Funny thing. I received the same e-mail. This estate sale may be the catalyst for a Dominatrix Blogger Page. Of course, finding a woman naughty enough for such a job might prove difficult. I am afraid my wife Harriet might be TOO MUCH of a FREAK for that job. I get the feeling I would un-cork all of the pent up dominance inside of her. Of course, this could be a good thing.


Kym said...

Somehow I think that I'm off when I picture a violet wand kit being something you get for a little girl into Harry Potter and purple.

beachcomber said...

You guys are on a TOTALLY different mailing list than I am. And ummmm ...

Large vaginal specula?
I was not aware these came in sizes...How does the doctor know which size to use? Oh, never mind.

Tapperass said...

A steel spanking bench with leather top. It comes
apart. It is very well made, and a beautiful piece.

OH, be still my beating heart!

-boy (fanning himself)

Kristabel said...

Don't even think about lusting after my spanking bench. I will take you down.

Anonymous said...

I am not interested, thank you. Not my thing.


Auntie Mayme

mresquan said...

Kristabel,I'll trade a leather gauntlet and a leather flogger for that spanking bench.

Jennifer McKenzie said...

This is right up my alley. Research, baby, research.
Do you think the IRS will let me write it off?

Kristabel said...

Auntie Mayme...you don't know what you're missing. xoxox

Mresquan...not even close to a fair trade. Try again.

Jennifer...totally legit. Let's go shopping!

mresquan said...

I didn't mention the intentions I had for you and that bench!!

Kristabel said...

Hey! Stop! I can feel the testosterone level in my house starting to rise as I type this. You're always getting me in trouble, mresquan....

If only I didn't like it so much.

Tapperass said...

Oh Goody! After mresquan spanks Kristabel, squirrel can use the bench to behead him.

I wanna watch! I will bring the guacamole and tortilla chips!


Kristabel said...

Well, boy, you do make a mean guacamole.

Joel Mielke said...

Oboy! So many good ideas for a float at the Rhododendron parade.

Kristabel said...

Finally! Carson Park Ranger displays a mild show of his inner kink. I've always known it was lurking beneath his cool and sophisticated exterior. I can't wait to ply him with limoncello.