Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Absolute Best Time to Get Your Saturday Night....(revised. again.)

is not after realizing that you've mysteriously come into contact with Bear River Valley's lovely little harbinger of spring, the poison oak plant, because you've got bumpy itchy stinging patches of red on your arms and legs and stomach and belly button and parts without which Saturday night could not be Saturday night.

Bomp wow.....Yeow!...a little to the left....chicka bomp...that's calamine, not lube.....chicka bow....oh, just stop.


Anonymous said...

Damn. Ouch. Sorry.

Tapperass said...

Is there a Calamine Lube? A wonderfully kinky companion item to the lotion.

Anyway, you call it Saturday Night, I call it being fed. Speaking of which, I am a bit hungry today.


Jennifer McKenzie said...

OMG Boy! You're just wrong.
Want to feel better? I broke out in hives.
Yeah. The same thing only THERE'S NO CURE and THERE'S NO CAUSE!
On the other hand, I still got laid.
Oh, sorry. Didn't mean to rub that in or anything.
Maybe that spanking bench would help? Or gloves.
Or Boy's Calamine Lube?

Anonymous said...

This sounds nutty, but the best poison oak remedy is wild camomile. You boil the whole plant and make a VERY strong tea out of it, wash the affected areas several times a day. It cuts the oils on your skin and dries it up FAST!

Anonymous said...

You should probably slow down anyway.

mresquan said...

That's quite an observation there Mr.Ordinary dude.Welcome back.

robash141 said...
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Kristabel said...

Boy...I tried mixing some calamine with some astroglide. It's a little messy and heavy and somehow hasn't cured either itch. Hope you're feeling more...full.

Jen...I'm a little confused about the spanking bench comment. How would that help? I guess it could help me forget the other pain. Sorry about the hives...but I was glad to hear your other health news...congrats. Or should I say...phew!

Thanks for the tip, Jane.

Ordinary guy...I so appreciate your concern.

May 5, 2008 10:12 PM

Anonymous said...

Like weeds in the Spring. Ordinary Guy is back.

Too bad for OG

the Bear River chastity belt did not work

True love conquers everything

Even poison oak.


Kristabel said...


You're just nuts.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps that's true ,But if I'm nuts it's only for you.


Erin said...

Here's hoping every lovely inch of your hot red-headed bod is pristine and itch free by this point Kristabel.
Thank you so much for all the Trader Joe's yummy goodness, especially the Two Buck Chuck ~ should make our celebrating tomorrow night all the more fun. I'm looking forward to seeing you again...make sure and bring your dancing shoes and ruffled panties!

xoxoxoxoxo, Erin