Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Treasure hunting

June is a busy month. So much to do and so little time. For our little family of dysfunction it means the end of school, the end of work (I know, I know, it's not fair, blah, blah, blah), multiple birthdays, anniversaries, projects, planning of said projects, vacations, BBQs, unpacking the summer clothes that your winter weight won't quite let you fit into anymore, etc.

On top of all these activities the yard seems to be going crazy, only in a good way. Flowers that I had long forgotten have started to poke through the weedy, neglected soil. I figure if they have the will to live then go for it. I love seeing their big expectant buds reaching for the sky. Just beautiful. My floral taste has matured over the years. I used to love daisies and calla lillies. Not that they aren't pretty in their own way but I find myself attracted to the vintage looking ones. You know, the ones that Grandma had in her garden. The dahlias, peonies, roses and hydrangeas. Oh, don't forget lavender, mint and some pinks.
Along with my change in flowers I've found I now lean toward old, loved objects as well. Maybe it's because I'm getting older that I seek out these treasures. Every year in June, Portlanders stage multiple neighborhood garage sales. Some are in historic, wealthy areas while others are in newer, ritzy developments. If you're like me and seek the thrill of the hunt you won't want to miss this opportunity. This year I went to the Laurelhurst area. Unbelievable!!! If you have the same right brain thinking and imagination that I do, prepare to be jealous.

Vintage Xmas ornaments, real crystal from a chandelier, old jewelry= $7.50

Postcards from the 1920's and Little Golden book = .75

Antique paper and silk Japanese fans from the 40's = $3.00

Tea tin sans lid = $1.00

Ricer/jelly strainer = $5.00

Apron from the 30's = $2.00

Playing with all my new treasures = priceless.

So...what's your best garage sale find??? Sorry Kristabel, you can't count the spanking bench.


Kristabel said...

Uh...why can't I count the spanking bench???

Those are some great finds. I love the crystals waiting to be soldered and the tea tin.

Last year I got a whole bag of old wooden cigar boxes for $2.00.

Right now there's an overflowing dumpster at work from where some of the residents have moved out. They left furniture, appliances, all sorts of things. Yesterday a woman was pulling things out of the trash and creating shrines all over the parking lot. It was fascinating.

Alright, enough pre-coffee blathering. Miss you!

Keri said...

You can't count it because, technically, you didn't buy it. You just fantasized about it. But then, what don't you have fantasies about??? can count it.

Shrines huh? Did you get some pictures of that?

I saw a bunch of cigar boxes too but they were just paper. What have you started doing with them?
Building your own spanking bench?


Kristabel said... own cousin...hassling me about my overzealous fantasy life just like everyone else. It's not like I have a one track mind or anything. I mean, I'm more than my libido for god's sake. Hmmmph.


P.S. Yep...I got a couple of pics. I'll make a post about it one of these days.

Bumblebee said...

There were shrines under my bedroom window and I missed them? Stupid work ruining all my fun.

Sluts make the world go round and give ordinary men something to fantasize about...

mresquan said...

Ordinary guy,you are quite the charmer aren't you?

Tapperass said...

Poor Ordinary Guy. I bet he wishes his girlfriend was hot like K-Bel.


Anonymous said...

Once again we hear from the "ordinary guy"

Whose good humor is always in short supply

Perpetrating another rhetorical drive-by

In the game of blogtrolling he's not so sly

Your morals are deficient he will always imply

About other peoples business he will raise a great hue and cry

knots in his underwear he will tie

A double standard he will always appy

Perhaps these days he's not feeling so spry

And the ladies no longer think he is fly

To part his butt-cheeks he needs a crowbar to pry

Own constipation is what he should decry

when he sees George Bush on the next 4th of July

Remember that sanctimonious sermonizing often goes awry

Keri said...

Bravo! Bravo Doggerelface!

Exit...stage right OG.


Unknown said...

What great treasures you found! Can I shop with you sometime? I never find stuff like that,oh but wait I guess I'd have to go up and get going early right....

Robin Shelley said...

Regarding your flower tastes: don't forget camellias!
I used to favor daisies & daffodils (& I still love them!) but am also now drawn to the more flowery flowers... & yard sales!