Thursday, July 31, 2008

This guy may be a

gun totin', god fearin', golf club swingin', conservative Republican from Fortucky, but he can still get down with his bad ABBA-lovin' self.

Rock on, Terry. I would've given you the sundae. Or maybe some Swedish meatballs.


Greg said...

A stand-up guy, that Terry P. I don't know why some of these pompous reviewers are so quick to diss the Seventies. Did Terry have bell-bottoms?

Carol said...

I loved Terry's letter to the NCJ defending ABBA. I took 3 semesters of film history with Charlie Meyers! He has such a high opinion of himself!

Carol said...

could of
could of
could of

Whew! I am safe from the spanking bench.

Tapperass said...

This just proves the old saying.

"Don't mess with ABBA!"


Anonymous said...

Yes, Greg, he did! From one who knows...

Anonymous said...

There once was a band called ABBA

Platinum records they had a big gob-a

Big pop stars. that was thier full time Job-a

Papparazzi chased them in an unruly mob-a

As they went out to hop in thier limosine Saab-a

better than some movie criticizer snob-a

Swedish meatballs at him we should lob-a

Because ABBA makes John McCain's heart thob-a

Kristabel said...

Bork Bork Bork.

I like your Swedish Chef style poem, doggy.

But the McCain reference makes me want to put a shock collar on you.

Carol said...

... at least a muzzle

Anonymous said...

I don't get it.
When it comes to ABBA I'm like an outsider looking in. And the shades are drawn. And my ears hurt.

Kristabel said...

You're not an outsider, dry wall. You just haven't opened yourself up to the possibilities of ABBA love.

Free your mind and your ears will follow, honey.

Monica... That One Girl said...

Timing is everything! I brought ABBA Gold home with me today! I can't wait to listen to it all the way through.

And I personally have you to thank, Kristabel, for helping me open myself up to this little bit of musical sunshine. :-)

Kristabel said...

I hope you enjoyed your ABBA adventure, Monica. Unfortunately, ABBA Gold doesn't have "Honey, honey" or "I do I do I do" on it. Have you seen the movie "Muriel's Wedding?" More ABBA!

And anonymous...perhaps you're right. My ass has certainly gone to places it shouldn't have.

Joel Mielke said...

ABBA just leads to harder stuff, like the Bee Gees. This then precipitates a plunge into Boston, and even Journey.

Just say no! Get help for god's sake!

Keri said...

That stuff is nothin'. I have a hardcore addition lately to ELO.

My family is planning an intervention as we speak.