Thursday, July 26, 2007

I Heart Statcounter

Thanks to a handy tip from one of my favorite hot and opinionated bloggers, Keri and I are now able to see how many people read this thing, what pages are the most popular, what link they followed and other barely interesting statistics like that.

The best part about it, though, is that we're also able to see what keywords people have typed into search engines that landed them at this blog. For instance, last week someone ended up here by searching for "marsha greg jan brady," and someone else searched for "heated tub jets don't work."

Thanks to Ekovox, someone arrived after searching for "hillbilly wedding food," and there's really no explanation I can think of for this, but someone found us with "messy chocolate covered girls."

But one entry in today's keyword analysis outshone all the others. I could barely contain my excitement when I read it in the middle of today's mostly-boring list.

"getting married in chocolate assless chaps"

Now if only statcounter could actually hook me up with the freak that searched for that, I'd probably have a new best friend.


Anonymous said...

Wow. I need some better keywords.

Greg said...

Where can I get a pair of those?

Carol said...

So funny!

Carol said...

Greg, you can't wear them in public!

Tapperass said...

Are those my chaps?

Jennifer Savage said...

Gosh... I feel so boring. I must up the chap content on my blog speedy quick!


Love the picture!