Thursday, July 5, 2007

Old Town Observation

Funniest conversation overheard this morning at Has Beans Coffee Shop:

Guy with hat puts down his Times-Standard in disgust: "Man, why do poor people like fireworks so much?"

Guy with beard: "It's all about power, man."

Guy with hat: "Huh?"

Guy with beard: "Power. They don't have any. They want some. So they light stuff on fire and blow it up and watch the sparks fly. It makes them feel powerful."

Guy with hat: "I see what you're saying."


Kristabel said...

Yes, anon., I agree that it's a huge form of entertainment to some people...but believing poor people like fireworks because they feel powerless? That's quite a stretch, no matter how many self-help psych. books the guy's read. I know plenty of people who aren't poor who really get off on blowing things up, too.

robash141 said...

Very true Kristabel
Look at George W Bush He's lived his whole life dog paddling in a vast sea of wealth and nepotistic priviledge.

Blowing things up is something Bush obviously gets off upon.