Friday, September 14, 2007

A Little Romance If You Please...

Uh hummm... (clearing the beads of sweat away from my brow).

Do you ever have those days when sex is on your mind and everything seems to be reinforcing those thoughts? You can't seem to escape it, words that seem relatively harmless now stir your soul and your loins.

After reading the most recent Saturday Night post of my twin, I hurried home today to replicate her arousing experience.

I have been exhausted lately and thereby depleted in that area. It seemed like a little rough play might be the magic bullet I needed. I quickly plumped up and engorged my lips, jerked off my clothes and eagerly awaited Burt to pull in the driveway and park his car in the garage.

I could see him coming down the street so I held my breath and waited for him to come in the door. Although I could hear him breathing heavily from carrying in a heavy load, he stopped and began petting our dog Annie. Just as I was about to leap onto him I saw this in his arms...

A bouquet full of fall flowers from a local farm stand just for me. His wide, boyish, goofy grin melted my heart and told me that tonight there would be some romance and finessing.

Leaving tomorrow wide open for the hair pullin'!


Kristabel said...

She's got her groove back! With a vengeance! Ask me how much I love this post....


I'll call you later. Oh, wait, hmmmm....maybe tomorrow....oh wait, then there's the hair gotta rest sometime.

Keri said...

No rest for the wicked, sista.