Thursday, August 23, 2007

Old Town Observation

Thanks, Babs.

Almost a year ago there was quite a controversy about a mural that had been painted by the creative arts youth group, United Future. The mural, done in a graffiti style on the back of the building housing the Schooner and the Shanty, was ok'd by the owner but not by the all-powerful Design Review Committee. I believe that this mural, as with others in Eureka, would have gone practically unnoticed were it not for the loud complaints of a certain business person selling small bowls of soup for $4 from a box bought at the Co-op for $2.99.

This is what the alley behind the Shanty looked like then:

And this is what it looks like today:

I think the mismatched paint, urine-soaked furniture and piles of garbage are REALLY an improvement!

As an aside, I also find it interesting that two people were quoted in the Eureka Reporter at that time stating that they felt graffiti art was not appropriate for Old Town. This is what the alley directly across the street next to the Accident Gallery looks like today:


Tapperass said...

HA! HA! Way to out the guy who charges his customers a mint for heating up their soup! The "Urban Trash" trash look of the alley way now only adds to overcrowding of such scenes throughout our town. If I read the piece correctly, it was young peoples' art. Anyway, such is the story, the adults take the keys away.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but at least the alley is better off without having the crappy rabbit -food restaraunt
gone' I ate there for the first (and last time) our breakast burritos were overpriced soggy and very near inedible. It took the loopy hippy-dippy servers like 45 minutes to make the damn things.

Even if they had one of those little bicycle generators in the back room. they would still be wasting electricity.

I gave them no stars for product,price and service.

Cynical pallete Squirrel.

CCX restraunt reviewer..

Anonymous said...

Is the Design Review Committee responsible for the baby-poop yellow (earth-tones!) color scheme that has washed downtown Eureka in such a golden glow, lo these past few years? Or is it coincidence? Or cheap paint?

Anonymous said...

Great observation!

Tapperass said...

There are not a lot of comments on this post. Must be that it is not about Married Saturday Night, plain old Saturday Night, or ABBA.

Sorry about the soggy burritos, a consequence of using a microwave to heat up your patrons food.


Joel Mielke said...

"Is the Design Review Committee responsible for the baby-poop yellow...?"

This invasive species of baby dung is being imported by the truckload from Irvine and Anaheim.