Wednesday, July 25, 2007

We Interrupt This Blogcast

from its usual silly stories of food and sex to bring you a tiny little rant. (Apologies to Keri right now for the nasty comments that will ensue.)

Why is this news?

Does the Eureka Reporter often feature articles about people who are drunk in public? Is there anyone who doesn't realize that for whatever reason Margorie Burgess has some major problems?

Or are people still trying to vilify her...trying to prove that if she's a "bad" enough person then she deserved to have her son killed?

That's all I have to say. Don't worry..further postings today from me will only involve Saturday night, chocolate and stupid girl tricks.


Anonymous said...

People are definitely still trying to vilify her.

I suppose it's slightly more newsworthy than other drunk in public cases because she has a claim against the city which might turn into a lawsuit.

Keri said...

Who hasn't been drunk in public? I can't say that I wouldn't be hittin' the sauce if I lost my son. Poor woman, way to add insult to injury.

Anonymous said...

Who hasn't been drunk in public?

Yeah, it's a stupid rule for an alcohol-saturated society.

The drunk driving charge will feed her critics, however. What a sad situation.