Tuesday, July 31, 2007



I am, by all accounts, not a risk taker. I like my routines, but sometimes things can feel a little, well,...stale. So to break out of my rut I do something crazy like order something different off a menu or buy a different brand of fabric softener. I usually feel better but this week I am still feeling stuck.

SOOOO, last night I realized that although I love visiting the same old blogs day after day, that I would venture out and see what else was out there in this big old blog universe. After all, 7 regular blogs does not a solar system make, right?

To make it interesting I found the "next blog" tab at the top of the screen. Do you see it? Not knowing where it would take me I courageously pressed it and set off on my adventure.

Here is an account of my travels.....

#1 http://chr100.blogspot.com/Det er ganske lett å finne ut hvem snømannen er, selv brukte jeg 120 sider. Jeg får håpe Nesbø har gjort det så enkelt med vilje, for å fokusere på spenningen. Romanen er mer en spenningsroman enn en kriminalgåteroman.

Some sort of language that only the Swedish Chef from the Muppet show could understand.

#2 Some blog from Brazil that was again, in another language. So far I was traveling around the world but couldn't speak to the natives.

#3 A blog called "Welcome to my life... my last summer of freedom before starting med school. Hmmm, I thought. This could have potential. So Scott is going to med school in Maryland starting this fall, has a girlfriend named Heather and a dog named Taco and likes to take pictures at the zoo. Not bad but not as exciting as I had hoped.

#4 Biz opportunity exchange. How to make money from ads on your blogs, real estate and "The money that never quits". $14,800 in 14 days sounded pretty good but highly unlikely. So, I pressed onward.

#5 A gamer blog in Spanish. I'm assuming technical moves in some weird fairytale existence with dragons and elves. What the HELL? These people are wacko.

Just as I was getting disgusted with my lack of entertainment I hit the jackpot.

#6 http://4thavenueblues.blogspot.com/ A recovering alcoholic, schizophrenic writer who is in love with his best friend Rosa. Ahhhh, now this is what I'm talkin' about!

So if your feeling like your world could use a little expanding, go ahead and press the button. I promise it won't hurt. Go on, I dare you. Let me know how your trip was.


Anonymous said...

Another option is to go to blogs you like and check out their blogroll. I have a list of blogs that venture beyond the Redwood Curtain. Most of those have their own extensive blogrolls.

You could also go to Technocrati and do search on topics of your choice and see what other bloggers are saying about them.

But the "next" button is good for a random adventure.

Keri said...

Oh H. we love when you get all techno on us. I will have to check out your suggestions and see where I land. The "next" button is sort of like Russian Roulette or a one night stand. Quick with no commitment. What one nighters have you gone to lately?

Kristabel said...

See, H, I'm not the only cousin who's completely whacked.

Anonymous said...

My exploration:

Fallows explains why the sale of the Wall Street Journal to Murdoch's News Corp is bad news for democracy: Hey, didn't I read that on Heraldo's site?

Dem Den:
Our family of two recently moved from NYC to UT and became a family of three. Although we loved the excitement of our life in the city we are enjoying the new adventures, lessons and different kind of excitement that parenthood brings. It's a wonderful life.
Ahhhhhhhh, so wonderfully sappy, but with great slide shows.

Friendly Computers ENewsletter:
Factors to Consider When Buying an Inkjet Printer Continued...
The inkjet cartridge is the most important thing to be considered because this is a fast consumable item and will need to be replaced often. Make sure that the ink.......BORING Computer stuff.

Sometime Space:
Because that's when I might actually publish some news, photos or views...or Christine will...
This blog is for my kid(s?). If they want to look back on what it was like "back then"...
Enjoy, & feel free to leave your comments.

British young couple with kids.
Not real exciting..but, hey...is mine?

Peppylady Almost Perfect world:
From::Naples, North Idaho, United States
Welcome to my world stage and won’t you have something to drink just go in fridge and help your self. I’m Dora Aka Peppylady and I’m not afraid to put anything on my blog but always remember the names are false, but the event and times of my life is always true and no short changing honesty.

And then a few more that were trying to sell me stocks and bonds..

Actually, that was kind of fun. I will do it again sometime. It's completely random....Just like our local blogs.

Anonymous said...

What one nighters have you gone to lately?

Ugh...why do I play along? It's so risky!

WordPress has a "next" button, too. With a click I found Mr. Ed Catholic. He says "Jesus tells me to be persistent. Don’t be discouraged; have faith; don’t worry about the Father handing me a snake instead of a fish; know that my asking, my seeking, my longing, my knocking, will be answered!"

Anyone else handled any snakes lately?

Anonymous said...

See, H, I'm not the only cousin who's completely whacked.

My dear, I would never refer to you as such.

Keri said...

Thanks for playing you two! Eko, it sounds like you had a weird trip like me. And just for the record, your blog is always interesting and never dull!


PS I HATE snakes and I'm not too hip on religion for that matter either.

Anonymous said...

When I get into a rut, I mix it up by starting each phone call with the expression, "What are you wearing?"

WAIT... that is somebody else!


Kristabel said...

Hey boy, stop spilling my secrets!

Alright, I took the double dog dare because...well, I didn't have anything else to do while waiting for the pasta water to boil. This was so much fun. Here's where I landed.

Lo Lo's blog - she makes virtual accessories for the virtual world, Second Life. Is that a game? She creates fake jewelry for fake people. I just don't get it.

GECORP blog - is in Spanish. My two years of high school Spanish class allowed me to figure out the title was something about a blue ocean. I think.

Grow With Me - a short, brown, cute (her words) blogger who likes bad jokes and who has apparently read a lot of self-help books.

Streaming John - weird news like the world's fattest man and nudist gyms.

The Ramblings of One M. Jones - a Christian college student trying to figure things out. He does interpretations of scripture with lines like, "And then it's so cool because Paul FORESEES..."

That was great, but for some reason I feel like I need a shower.

Tapperass said...

It is the boy again, and I know many secrets my dear Goddess!

robash141 said...

The Desire to Date:
Not at all interested in this blog at a;;
I'm getting Married in 10 days

Living, Laughing, Loving Life:

Where this woman ruminates about her work and family lifr.

Once you gettpast the hot pink and lime colors scheme , It's kind of dull.

ferro-velho poético: A potry website in Portugese. Sounds great, I have no Idea what the hell they are saying..

Not a Stepford Wife: By Robinella whe decribes herself as "homeschooling mother of 2 wonderful boys - Pete and RePete, married to my high school sweetheart BN; oh, and sometimes I am bit sarcastic " She was a good deal wittier and more interesting to read about than the first woman.

Kristabel said...

Robash141....you're getting married next weekend TOO??? Wow, that's strange. Congratulations!